FARNBOROUGH 2010: MS-21 features Sicma’s SiT AVOD

The cabin mock-up of the new MS-21 single-aisle airliner exhibited here by Russia’s Irkut, features an interior by C&D Zodiac that includes fellow Zodiac Aerospace subsidiary Sicma Aero Seat’s Seat Integrated Technology (SiT) audio and video on demand (AVOD) system.

The interior was designed by C&D Zodiac. Rather than being given the interior dimensions and having to fit the interior, "we were given a free hand to design he cabin from the inside out," says the company’s sales and marketing director, Steve Kearsey.

The AVOD system marries Weber Aircraft 5751 seats with 10-inch 16:9 smart display units from Sicma that incorporate a 250 GB hard drive, Kearsey says. "They are optically linked, seat to seat, so if one goes down another can drive it. They also run off a driver so you can update movies, daily news and so on from one station."

Sicma says 8-inch/250 GB and 15.4-inch/500 GB SDUs will be available soon.

Irkut logged its first order for the type at the show, Malaysian leasing company Crecom Burj confirming a preliminary agreement signed last month for 25 MS-21-200s and 25 of the -300 variant, which seat 150 and 181 passengers respectively in all-economy configuration with seats at 32-inch pitch.

Bernard Fitzsimons, editor, Inflight/Inflight-Online
Farnborough, UK

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