FARNBOROUGH 2010: Air France picks CMC enhanced SBB antenna for 777-300

Air France has selected the Esterline CMC Electronics multi-channel SwiftBroadband compliant high gain antenna system to equip its future Boeing 777-300 aircraft. The new-generation CMA-2102SB antenna supports Inmarsat safety services, Aero-H+, Swift64 and SwiftBroadband satellite communications services.

The CMA-2102SB antenna system is the only top-mount ARINC 741 antenna to have received Inmarsat multi-channel SwiftBroadband approval and Transport Canada appliance type approval, says CMC. It provides seamless coverage, independent of aircraft direction over more than 90 per cent of the specified Inmarsat hemisphere. The design is based on CMC’s field proven, proprietary technology and architecture as used in its current industry leading CMA-2102 high gain antenna system.

CMC adds that it has won more than 75 per cent of all Aero-H/H+ airline installations with its satcom antennas. The company has delivered more than 2,800 Inmarsat satcom antenna systems to approximately 110 airline, OEM, military, corporate and VIP customers.

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