eXPhone and eXConnect for Cathay and Dragonair

Panasonic Avionics will provide full broadband connectivity on all Cathay Pacific Airways and Dragonair passenger aircraft under the terms of a new MoU that enables planning to start immediately while final terms are negotiated.

The move makes Cathay the first airline in Asia to announce its intention to deploy Panasonic’s Global Communications Suite and the first in the world to announce a fleet-wide fit. Services will launch from early 2012, subject to regulatory approval, and will include promotional, sponsorship and e-commerce opportunities for Cathay Pacific partner brands.

The Panasonic connectivity solution for Cathay Pacific comprises the eXConnect broadband service, the eXPhone GSM phone service and a CX-branded free-of-charge entertainment portal. Accessible through all passenger devices and seatback screens, the portal will include a range of content updated during the flight, access to airline and partner sites, e-commerce, airline-specific advertising, and live television with a unique pay-per-view capability for special events.

eXConnect provides two-way broadband connectivity supporting a wide range of passenger and crew applications, including Internet access, voice, data, and the ability to monitor and transmit airline operational data in real time at speeds of up to 50 Mbps to the aircraft.

eXPhone, offered in collaboration with AeroMobile’s GSM mobile phone technology, allows passengers to use their mobile phones, smart phones and Blackberry devices onboard to make voice calls, send SMS text messages or use data services and stream content wirelessly to iPods, iPhones and iPads.

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