EVA Air brings artistic flair to new in-flight safety video

Taiwan’s EVA Air has launched a new in-flight safety video, the result of a collaborative effort between award-winning director Robin Lee and celebrated choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava.

The five-minute, 26-second video is now available on all EVA flights worldwide and on international flights operated by its regional affiliate, UNI Air.

EVA, the dancers and the film crew spent three months planning and rehearsing to ensure the technologies and choreography came together in a seamless performance which blends modern dance, state-of-the-art 3D projection and motion-capture technology.

For Lee, the video is a transition in space from the confined aircraft cabin to the globe and its vast possibilities. According to the airline, the video’s 3D projection, motion-capture technology and choreographed movements create a world of virtual reality in real-time for the dancers’ interactions with projected animations. Waves of discrete floating particles represent mobile phone signals and other intangibles while the dancers’ graceful movements remind passengers to stow luggage and fasten seat belts.

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