Etihad first airline to adopt Phitek magnetic jacks

After conducting extensive flight trials, Etihad Airways (Etihad) will become the first airline to install Phitek’s magnetic jacks designed to prevent mechanical pin breakage in headphones, a fault which often causes in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems to fail.
Phitek’s magnetic jacks have been incorporated into Panasonic’s latest IFE offering as a ‘remote jack unit,’ which is reverse compatible with most traditional ARINC headphone types and all passenger headphones equipped with Magnetic Plugs (MJ-Plugs). MJ-Plugs are an open design, providing airlines with a seamless and cost-effective solution.
When testing the magnetic jacks, Etihad used its existing Yes Hope headphones with MJ-Plugs. The technology means that if a passenger gets up with their headphones still attached, the force exerted separates the magnetic combination, releasing the headphones without any damage. This process eliminates IFE failure at the seat.
“The results of our 60-day trial were encouraging with no defects logged and no magnetic jack replacements required,” confirmed Quentin Couturier, Etihad Airways’ Manager of buyer furnished equipment programmes and projects. “Our survey also revealed a positive response from our guests with a majority expressing their overall satisfaction.”

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