Estonian Air embraces MI Airline’s AirFi solution

Estonian Air’s entire fleet has now been fitted with MI Airline’s AirFi system; an onboard, portable networklaunched in January.

The closed Wi-Fi service allows passengers to connect to a secure in-cabin network to read newspapers and magazines, chat to other passengers and play games, and importantly for the airline, to purchase ancillary products via an electronic store. The system also allows access to the airline’s bespoke destination guide and travel information.

“In first phase of rollout, we want to offer our passengers an opportunity to use this onboard solution to purchase from the inflight store, read Estonian (and in the future also international) magazines, spend time playing entertaining games or chat with family members and friends who are also onboard,” saysIndrek Randveer, Estonian Air's CCO.

“The entire fleet of Estonian Air is now equipped with a fast and portable network which provides for us a solution that does not require any modification to the aircraft. This enables us to offer passengers a ‘connected experience’ using their own devices. Our system does not require passengers to install an app before the flight and the service is provided for free,” he adds.

“We are very proud to have Estonian Air as one of the first airlines to implement the MI Airline system fleet-wide and look forward to developing additional onboard network opportunities together,” says Job Heimerikx, CEO of AirFi. “With AirFi, Estonian Air has tapped into a wide realm of potential for ancillary offerings and entertainment.”

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