EmPOWER USB charging capability available for business jets

Astronics has added USB charging capability to its EmPOWER system line of products for the business jet market.The EmPOWER 28VDC to 115VAC system supports power requirements for passenger and crew portable electronic devices. The latest generation EmPOWER system adds USB charging capability to provide the necessary power to operate and charge higher power tablet devices.Powered via the EmPOWER system, Astronics claims the flexibility of a combined AC/USB outlet conserves valuable cabin space and provides customers with two modes of available power at each seat location. Should customers desire, the AC and USB outlets can be installed separately.With safety in mind for both passengers and aircraft; overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal runaway conditions are managed locally by the system, thus protecting both the passenger device power cable and the device. The EmPOWER USB outlet unit is TSO-C71 certified and DO-160E compliant.“The EmPOWER product is an example of an elegantly simple design solution which allows business aircraft to meet customer demands for power on the aircraft,” remarked Peter Gundermann, President and CEO of Astronics Corporation.

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