EBACE2018: Embraer jets certified to fly with JetWave high-speed Wi-Fi system

Aviation safety regulators have certified the installation of Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications hardware on-board Embraer Lineage 1000E executive jets.

“Since entering the business aviation market, Embraer Executive Jets has remained committed to raising performance standards through the use of innovative technology,” said Luciano Castro, vice president programs, Embraer Executive Jets. “Introducing JetWave to our Lineage 1000E platform will ensure we deliver reliable connectivity to both the cabin and cockpit, which is one of the ways we are enhancing the customer experience.”

JetWave is the exclusive high-speed communications hardware that powers a plane’s ability to connect with Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX service.

“Passenger expectations for reliable in-flight Wi-Fi continue to soar. Our JetWave hardware addresses that need,” said James MacDougall, director, SATCOM, Honeywell Aerospace. “The JetWave system provides connectivity across the cabin and cockpit, allowing passengers, pilots and operators to experience the benefits of being online while they fly. Whether it is providing passengers with easy access to their office applications, or helping to reduce delays by allowing uninterrupted communication between pilots and ground crew, JetWave truly powers the Connected Aircraft.”

The certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration, European Aviation Safety Agency and Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency come after Embraer confirmed it will upgrade its Lineage 1000E Jets with JetWave with both retrofit and forward fit options.

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