EBACE2018: New partnership to develop innovative Ka-band solution

Aircom Pacific, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aerkomm has begun developing a new and innovative Ka-band solution for the provision of broadband voice and high-speed internet access for passengers in Airbus ACJ319s, ACJ320s and ACJ321s – as well as Airbus’ airline commercial aircraft equivalents.

Aerkomm K++ will offer a broadband rate of 20 Megabits/sec experience per passenger, and combines Aircom Pacific equipment, based on a low-profile antenna, with a retrofit installation designed and implemented by Airbus to EASA and FAA certification standard, which will also be validated by China CAAC.

Aerkomm K++ will provide worldwide coverage including, specifically, within China for Chinese registered aircraft.

Image: Aircom Pacific CEO Jeffrey WUN, ACJ president Benoit Defforge, Aircom Pacific COO Louis Giordimaina

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