EBACE 2018: New features strengthen SD Pro platform

Satcom Direct has enhanced its digital flight operations platform SD Pro, adding two new modules further supporting on-board connectivity management and giving even greater control of cyber security threat management.

SD’s new Advanced Connectivity module enables users to generate a predictive connectivity map for the flight. The illustrative graphic highlights network coverage, and any associated issues along the route, enabling users to adjust travel plans accordingly. The feature aims to prevent loss of connectivity as it highlights dead zones and regional areas where data may be at threat from intrusion. This adds to the existing connectivity module features which already indicate the real-time connection status, as well as detailed device usage information.

The company has also enhanced the SD Pro Threat Monitoring module. In addition to the existing services, the latest upgrade gives flight departments more visibility into the types of cyber threats identified, as well as the ability to view and sort threats by category. Analysing the type of threat in real time allows customers to apply sorting and filtering features to distinguish between the variety of threats such as malware, active intrusion, phishing, etc. With this data, flight departments can make better informed connectivity decisions about user behaviours and security policies, and stay ahead of any potential vulnerabilities.

“As connectivity becomes increasingly important for flight departments, crew, and passengers, we continue to find ways to add more value to their connectivity options and provide tailored solutions to their individual needs,” said Michael Skov Christensen, VP of Satcom Direct International. “We are an innovative company, and aviators ourselves, so understand the importance of continually developing our products to adapt to the changing market. Our constant improvement of our SD Pro technology exemplifies our commitment to improving the customer connectivity experience.

“With this data, the operator or owners can modify operations, improve standards and operate at maximum efficiency, it really does save money and improve performance,” added Christensen.

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