EBACE2011: OnAir inflight connectivity for Comlux

OnAir has announced that Comlux has selected the provider’s inflight connectivity service so that passengers travelling in the Aviation Group’s new Airbus 319 CJ will be able to remain in touch during flights using their mobile phones.

The service is scheduled to begin in January 2012. Comlux passengers will be able to make and receive calls and text messages, do their emails and use mobile data.
The A319 is the second Comlux aircraft to be equipped with OnAir’s services following the flagship A320 Prestige, which entered service at the beginning of May 2011.
SwiftBroadband-based service Mobile OnAir enables passengers to use their own mobile phones and Smartphones wherever they are flying in the world. Usage is billed by the passenger’s mobile operator, in the same way as international roaming, which makes it very simple to manage for any VIP operator and charter.
“The aircraft is currently in our completion facility in Indianapolis, USA, being prepared to our exacting standards, “ said Richard Gaona, CEO of Comlux the Aviation Group. “It will operate from the Comlux headquarters in Zurich. Our clients made it very clear they want to be able to communicate during flights. Offering Mobile OnAir service is part of our ongoing drive to improve our clients travel experience.”
Ian Dawkins, OnAir’s CEO added, “Inflight connectivity is now a reality and it should be no surprise that people want to be able to use their phones during flights. After all, we can use them in any other means of transportation. It is particularly true of the people who charter Comlux aircraft, for whom the ability to communicate during flights is very important.”

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