EBACE 2016: STC awarded for the SD WiFi Hub

Satcom Direct (SD) has received the initial supplemental type certificate (STC) from the FAA paving the way for installing the SD WiFi Hub on Citation CJ3 aircraft.

Additional STCs are in progress for the Hub, the standalone router and Wi-Fi solution for small to mid-size aircraft and enhancement to the Satcom Direct Router (SDR) for larger aircraft.

Introduced worldwide during the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention 2016, The SD WiFi Hub is a wireless access point (WAP) and serves as a gateway for all voice and data communications on the aircraft. At 1.6lb, the Hub has the smallest and lightest router form factor in aviation.“Meeting the connectivity needs for customers with airframes of all sizes was the driver for the development of the SD Wi-Fi hub. Receiving the first STC paves the way for the availability of the product to the marketplace,” said Ken Bantoft, chief technology officer for SD.The SD technology team is working with its dealers and MROs to expand the availability of STCs for other airframes.

Becky Howells, Inflight / inflight-online
Geneva, Switzerland

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