EBACE 2016: Rockwell Collins validates Jet ConneX network

Rockwell Collins, a value-added reseller of Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX service as part of its ARINCDirect offering, has validated the performance of the Jet ConneX network as well as a number of its own value-added services during a series of recent tests.
“JX from Inmarsat is poised to provide business jet passengers with the highest connectivity speeds available,” stated David Stanley, VP ARINCDirect cabin services, Rockwell Collins. “Along with higher speeds and greater bandwidth, we are excited to offer a number of value-added applications that will enhance the passenger experience even further.”
Value-added applications and services available from Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect include AD Wi-Fi call and text, an app allowing passengers to place and receive calls and texts using their personal smartphone and phone number anywhere in the world.
Elsewhere, the ARINCDirect Content Filter offers a customisable firewall security for Jet ConneX operators.

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