EBACE 2015: Textron’s Beechcraft King Air turboprops to feature Rockwell avionics

Rockwell Collins’ (Rockwell) Pro Line Fusion flight deck system, which is expected to be certified for three new-production Beechcraft King Air turboprops (the 350i, 250 and C90GTx) in the coming months, will feature on-board all Textron Aviation’s deliveries of the aircraft.
Pro Line Fusion consists of three 14-inch widescreen LCDs offering touch-interactive maps for eyes-forward flight planning, high-resolution topography, real-time on-board weather radar overlays, obstacles, and special-use airspace and search patterns for expanded situational awareness and reduced workload.
The solution also includes Rockwell Collins’ patented airport dome and extended runway centrelines with mile markers to better orient the pilot from top of descent through final approach, as well as baseline geo-referenced electronic navigation charts that display own-ship aircraft position.
The system is updated through a standard USB drive port on the front of the displays, or via the optional Aircraft Information Manager wireless data loading service.
Finally, Pro Line Fusion features selectable video windows on the displays for viewing inputs from an Enhanced Vision System or other external cameras.
“Textron Aviation is enhancing its Beechcraft King Air line with an advanced, state-of-the-art avionics system that transforms pilot operations,” stated Craig Olson, VP and general manager of business and regional systems, Rockwell Collins. “Now, whether flying a factory-new airplane or installing Pro Line Fusion as an upgrade in a fielded King Air, pilots will enjoy extensive situational awareness and a revolution in simplicity.”
Textron Aviation is set to begin receiving new aircraft this summer, starting with the King Air 250. Pro Line Fusion is already certified as an upgrade for fielded King Air aircraft fitted with Pro Line 21 and operators will soon have the opportunity to upgrade to the large Pro Line Fusion touchscreen displays being installed on new King Airs through Textron Aviation’s factory-owned service centres.
Pro Line Fusion upgrades for earlier King Airs equipped with Pro Line II are also nearing certification and will be available through Rockwell Collins-authorised dealers worldwide.

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