EBACE 2015: Satcom Direct unveils SkyStream for faster data rates

Inflight spoke to Satcom Direct about data rates, Global VT, and showcasing its SkyStream channel bonding and aggregation service at EBACE 2015.

SkyStream is able to deliver significant upgrades in airborne data speeds via the Satcom Direct Router (SDR). SkyStream allows customers to combine multiple channels of Inmarsat Swiftbroadband to achieve the higher data rates. The embedded SDR technology allows bonding of two to four separate channels creating a larger data pipe; up to 1.4mbps of throughput for aircraft with four-channel systems. The service opens up the possibilities for in-flight entertainment and connectivity such as video conferencing and video streaming.

“People expect their smartphones, tablets and laptops to work on their aircraft just like they would on the ground, and Satcom Direct is committed to providing that experience,” said Ken Bantoft, vice president of technologies and development in a press statement. “SkyStream lets connectivity devices work globally at the fastest speeds possible.”

Satcom Direct’s John Peterson expanded on the implications for SkyStream and data rates in general.

“It will be the next hot topic in the industry,” Peterson told Inflight. “When you take a look at what’s going to happen in the future, it will all be about the data rates in the aircraft. We see year on year that the number of megabytes consumed, that passengers' appetite to consume, is increasing. That is true of aviation as it is in our homes. The higher data rates going into the aircraft create whole new areas of possibilities and services.”

Piers Townley, editor, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com
Geneva, Switzerland

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