EBACE 2015: Cobham’s AVIATOR 700D system reaches 100 installs on Dassault Falcon jets

Cobham SATCOM’s (Cobham) AVIATOR 700D system has now been retrofitted on more than 100 Dassault Falcon aircraft, including the Falcon 900EX EASy, Falcon 2000EX EASy and Falcon 7X.
Providing both Inmarsat Classic and SwiftBroadband services in one integrated system, the AVIATOR 700D solution uses a high-gain antenna to create high speed data services, or ‘office in the sky’ capabilities.
“We are pleased to announce that over 100 customers are now experiencing the benefits of upgrading to our FANS-compliant AVIATOR 700D system, which include fuel and time savings, increased aircraft longevity, cockpit connection, and increased cabin data connectivity for voice calls, as well as the use of smartphones and tablets for entertainment,” explained Kim Gram, VP of Cobham’s aeronautical business unit.
Dassault Falcon Jet’s own maintenance, repair and overhaul facility has conducted more than 65 Falcon upgrades to the AVIATOR 700D. The success of the system with the EASy Falcon fleet has resulted in Dassault Falcon Jet certifying the retrofit solution for Legacy Falcons as part of the company’s Next Gen programmes.
Adrian Chene, avionics technical representative, Duncan Aviation, commented: “The AVIATOR 700D is very easy to install and configure. It was a very easy decision for Duncan Aviation to pursue multiple STCs for the AVIATOR 700D satcom.”
Cobham SATCOM has already been selected by Dassault for the supply of its HGA-6000 satcom antenna for the new Falcon 5X and 8X aircraft.

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