EBACE 2014: Satcom Direct and TAG offer European satcoms training

TAG Global Training in Farnborough and Geneva has teamed with Farnborough-based Satcom Direct to provide hands-on training at the latter’s lab-based facilities in addition to offering classroom courses covering satellite communications, IP and voice networks.

As of June 2014, Satcom Direct and TAG Global Training will offer basic, intermediate and advanced satellite communications classes for customers, pilots, maintenance personnel and crew members.

“This exclusive partnership expands TAG Global Training's exceptional portfolio to include satellite communications,” says Chris Moore, vice president, Satcom Direct International. “Courses will include modules ranging from foundation basics within satellite communications to advanced troubleshooting within our labs.”

TAG Global Training was established in 2007 to train TAG's pilots and cabin crew in EASA approved ground school courses. This successful programme expanded beyond TAG’s own needs, with 70 other operators also undergoing training now.

“At TAG Aviation we are committed to industry-leading training and safety standards. This joint venture builds on an established partnership from which TAG and Satcom Direct clients already benefit,” said Debbie Elliott, training manager, TAG Global Training.

Via the partnership with Satcom Direct, TAG Global Training will have exclusive access to Satcom Direct's Learning Management System which includes both classroom and on-line training modules. Sanaa Saadani, head of training, Satcom Direct International adds, “Aircraft are becoming more IP oriented within the cabin and cockpit, and these classes will help crew and maintenance staff with the day-to-day operations of the systems.”

Lab-based training will focus on OEM satcom systems, satcom troubleshooting and Cisco systems. Manufacturers also will be invited to deliver courses on their products and services.

Liz Moscrop, Inflight / Inflight-Online.com


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