easyJet counts down to Apple Watch launch

easyJet has designed a new app specifically for the Apple Watch which will be immediately available when the watch enters the market on 24 April.
For those using it, Apple Watch will seamlessly connect to the easyJet app to provide personalised flight information and real-time views of the travel information checked most frequently by passengers. One of the main benefits of the app is the Passbook boarding passes that will enable quick and convenient use throughout the airport.‎‎ The app will be available in five languages from launch. Glances, another key feature of Apple Watch, will inform and remind passengers of key parts of the journey. This includes pre-departure information, check-in detail, up-to-date local currency exchange rates, weather in destination and real time flight status (this element building upon the success of easyJet’s flight tracker tool). It will even show the user when it is time to board the aircraft with a countdown function. These helpful notifications will be sent directly to Apple Watch with the user feeling a gentle tap upon receipt.Passengers will also be able to tweet and post to Facebook at various stages of their trip directly from the watch face. This could include countdowns to departure as well as sharing destination weather.James Millett, easyJet’s head of digital, explained, “easyJet passengers continue to see the benefit of using our app to make travel easier and we are sure that many of them will be early adopters of Apple Watch.“We constantly look for new ways to improve the travel experiences of our passengers and providing up-to-date information on the latest technology such as Apple Watch is key to this. Our Apple Watch app is another example of innovating to make travel as easy as it is affordable with easyJet.”

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