EASA and FAA/TCCA approval for Satcom Direct network router

The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) has received approval from EASA and FAA/TCCA for Global 5000 and Global XRS cabin communications upgrade.

The modification includes upgrading the existing Rockwell Collins SAT-6100/-2100 single channel Satcom Swift64 to a single channel SwiftBroadband with SDR Wi-Fi router installation.
The SDR offers business aviation customers the ability to manage all of the cabin communications systems and is Satcom Direct's first certified hardware product. Multiple systems can operate on the aircraft without additional wireless access points, creating the ability for separate guest or dedicated VVIP networks. Units are currently being shipped to dealers throughout the U.S. and Europe.The installation was performed by RUAG Aviation in Munich, Germany, a member of Satcom Direct's dealer network.
The upgraded system allows passengers to use their own smartphones for voice communication during flight. It also provides multiple Wi-Fi access points (SSID) for VIPs and guests on-board with different service profiles. Satcom Direct claims that the system also features the latest technology in data compression and acceleration.
While on the ground, 3G/4G connectivity is possible through the SDR, and data plans for domestic and global roaming with the SDR’s Dual-SIM module are available. Additionally, the SDR supports mobile applications for on-board cabin services such as moving map and Flight Tracker, command and control of satellite links, and real-time connection status reporting.

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