Duncan Aviation develops STC for Gogo’s UCS 5000 for Global Express operator

Following a request from a Bombardier Global Express operator, Duncan Aviation collaborated with Gogo Business Aviation to develop a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to integrate Gogo’s UCS 5000 system on Bombardier’s Global Express and 5000 aircraft.
“A customer of ours purchased a Global Express that didn’t have the level of Wi-Fi capabilities their old aircraft did,” explained Duncan Aviation’s avionics installations representative, Melissa Raddatz. “We sat down, discussed their options and they decided to take advantage of Gogo Business Aviation’s launch incentives and get the latest and greatest router/media server.”
Gogo’s UCS 5000 is an all-in-one smart router and media service, which manages and delivers connectivity, in-flight entertainment (IFE) and information services. Utilising the in-flight connectivity service, Gogo Biz, UCS 5000 supports Gogo Text & Talk, allowing passengers to use their mobiles in-flight. It also powers Gogo Vision, an IFE system providing a library of movies, TV episodes, news and destination weather. There’s also the ability for passengers to engage in file sharing and monitor flight progress.
Jim Wheaton, systems engineer at Duncan Aviation, commented, “We had engineers and certification experts at both our Michigan and Nebraska facilities working around the clock on this STC to ensure that on ground testing day, everything worked the way Gogo Business Aviation intended it to.”
The process began months before the aircraft was due to enter into service.

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