DUBAI 2015: Royal Jordanian to rollout Rockwell’s ARINC GLOBALink services

Royal Jordanian Airlines is now using Rockwell Collins’ entire suite of ARINC GLOBALink services to provide primary communications for its fleet, including Very High Frequency (VHF), SATCOM, and High Frequency Data Link (HFDL).
“We fly extensively across desert and oceanic routes, so we needed a communications network with global coverage,” explained Royal Jordanian’s president and CEO, Suleiman Obeidat. “Our aircraft are HFDL enabled, and the Rockwell Collins ARINC GLOBALink offering includes HF connectivity. Overall, we found the suite of Rockwell Collins’ solutions to be extremely cost effective and capable of meeting our expansion strategy.”
The airline is also using Rockwell Collins’ OpCenter web-based messaging solution and has future plans to implement its Web Aircraft Situational Display (WebASD) to enable global flight tracking.
“The significant expansion of our ARINC global network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa announced earlier this year was a key factor in enabling us to provide the comprehensive coverage that Royal Jordanian and other airlines in this region need,” noted Mike DiGeorge, vice president of commercial aviation and networks, Rockwell Collins. “Royal Jordanian is the first Middle Eastern carrier to select Rockwell Collins as its primary provider, and we anticipate more airlines in the region following its lead.”

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