Dragonair to enhance IFEC on A320 fleet

From November 2014, Hong-Kong based Dragonair will begin fitting a new in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) system, ‘StudioKA’, on the airline’s 15 A320 aircraft, allowing passengers to access IFE content on their personal electronic devices (PEDs).
Once passengers have downloaded the StudioKA app to their PED they will be able to connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi network, enabling them to access StudioKA’s 80 films, 500 TV programmes, music CDs and radio playlists. 10V AC power supplies will enable laptops and other devices to stay fully charged.
In business class, passengers will also be given an iPad with access to premium content, including an additional selection of new-release and art-house movies and more than 20 extra drama and comedy TV programmes.
Economy class will benefit from a new seat-back design which has stowage space for two tablets – one on the seatback and one on the meal table – as well as a new LED lighting system.

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