DoT recommends overturning FCC ban on use of mobile phones for in-flight voice calls

The US Department of Transportation’s Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection (ACACP) has backed the use of mobile phones for voice calls.
Speaking at the ninth meeting of ACAP at the beginning of September in Washington DC, Pennsylvania attorney general and committee chair Kathleen Kane, put forward two preliminary recommendations for regulating the use of mobile wireless devices for voice calls on aircraft.
Based on the testimonies of interested stakeholders, public comment and committee discussions, ACACP is encouraging the Department of Transportation (DoT) to continue its participation in an interagency working group on the topic of safety and security issues relating to in-flight mobile electronic communications. In a move that could see the current ban on voice calls on mobile wireless devices on flights within, to and from the US, lifted, ACAP is also recommending that if safe and secure, the DoT allow airlines to decide whether to permit passengers to use mobile devices for voice calls.
“It’s promising to hear the recommendation from the Transport Department’s Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection… Across the rest of the world, airlines decide whether to allow mobile phone use, including voice calls, in-flight and we believe this should also be the case in the US,” commented Kevin Rogers, CEO, AeroMobile in response to the statement.
“We are hopeful the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] will rule it is safe and secure to use mobile phones in-flight and lift the current ban.“We look forward to the outcome of this debate. We hope US airlines will be able to benefit from the same levels of on-board connectivity as their foreign counterparts in future.”

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