DivX focuses on IFE solution following acquisition by NeuLion

Now that DivX has been acquired by NeuLion, a company which provides live and on-demand content to internet-connected devices, it is focusing on tailoring its OmniView solution “to serve the needs of wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) vendors in their quest to efficiently and reliably stream video to the many types of phones, tablets and laptops on the plane,” claims senior director of product management for DivX, Hans Baumgartner.
DivX itself specialises in creating, distributing, and licensing digital video technologies that span the PC, living room, and mobile environments, but, “The goal of the combined company is to enable consumers to enjoy content on any screen, including while they’re in the air,” explains Baumgartner.
In terms of differentiation, DivX now believes it is in a strong position to provide unique in-flight content. “We see IFE as an ideal fit for the DivX secure video delivery solution. Since DivX’s digital rights management has already been approved by studios, retailers and UltraViolet (a cloud-based digital rights library for movies and television), we can more easily enable studio approval,” says Baumgartner. “And now that DivX is part of NeuLion, which powers the top live sports apps for the NBA, NFL, NHL, UFC and many others, there may be more cool stuff on the way!”
But how does the OmniView system work? Baumgartner tells Inflight-Online.com, “DivX provides a full suite of secure adaptive streaming products for the ground side and air side of the system. On the ground we have our video compression and encryption system that prepares movies and shows for delivery to the plane. For the air side, we deliver in-flight license server software that can enable secure streaming of video to consumer devices without any need to connect to the ground Internet.
“Finally, we provide player software development kits and plugins that developers use to create the mobile, tablet and web video storefront applications. Our streaming format is designed to very efficiently handle streaming in a congested network environment. With DivX it is also very easy to support videos with many languages of audio and subtitle tracks,” concludes Baumgartner.
Whilst Baumgartner didn’t go into detail, he did confirm that DivX is already currently “supplying a major IFE vendor.”

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