Detalytics and FLYWELL offer personalised wellness solution

Detalytics, a provider of AI and human-factor solutions, is partnering with FLYWELL by Charlotte Dodson, to offer advanced interactive wellness solutions for passengers, pilots and crew members.

“Partnering with Detalytics creates a thorough one-stop wellness solution that enhances travelling guests’ experiences via proven techniques that are supported by quantitative data,” said Dodson. She added: We’re delivering a fully-realised in-flight platform that enables airlines to raise their level of value-add services to their customers, allowing them a guided approach to managing their health and well-being throughout their entire journey.”

“As air travel becomes more frequent and the route transits become longer, travellers need a personalised solution that is based on scientific understandings of human physiology and correctly-applied mind-body exercise routines. Our partnership with FLYWELL allows us to integrate our personalised health and well-being management solutions with FLYWELL’s guided exercise and meditation techniques specifically developed for air travel where space and movement can be limited,” said Dr Florence Jennings, co-founder of Detalytics.

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