Delta Studio to encourage interactive learning

Delta Air Lines' in-flight entertainment platform, Delta Studio, is incorporating content from educational technology company Speakaboos.
The collaboration will see hours of Speakaboos’ animated stories, which are designed to engage children in reading through animation and word highlighting, available through Delta’s IFE system.
Passengers can choose from story collections organised by children’s favourite characters and topics including travel, princesses, dinosaurs, classics and favourite songs. There’s also a bundle dedicated entirely to ‘Sid the Science Kid.’ The selection of story collections will be on rotation throughout the year.
“Speakaboos is thrilled to bring our award-winning content onboard Delta Studio and inspire a love of reading in millions of young travellers,” said Noelle Millholt, the company’s co-founder and COO. “Families across the country have chosen the Speakaboos app for on-the-go reading and our inclusion in Delta’s in-flight entertainment is another great way to keep kids engaged during long trips and transform screen time into reading time.”

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