Constant Aviation certified to install Wi-Fi on Global Express aircraft

tConstant Aviation has received a supplemental type certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration to install in-flight Wi-Fi on Global Express aircraft.
“With close to 100 registered Global Express aircraft in the country, we sought to expand our product offerings and amenities for the Global Express market,” explained Derek Morris, manager of avionics design and engineering, Constant Aviation. “Constant Aviation understands the demand for more reliable in-flight services with faster connectivity. We are excited to provide solutions to our customers’ growing needs.
“The approval of this STC allows the installation of a worldwide solution for in-flight Wi-Fi connections on the Global Express aircraft. This STC enhances the experience for the customer and allows for greater communication when flying internationally. The STC project was unique because it was the first time multiple Wi-Fi onboard access points have been certified at once. The in-flight networks are seamlessly handed off between 3G, satellite based internet and ground based internet, delivering a combination of maximum connectivity and reliability,” continued Morris. “In addition, the cabin management system personalises content storage of audio files and movies and it also allows for wireless control of the cabin environment, audio and lighting. The Global Express STC is another accomplishment to help us better service and support our customers, and can be installed at any of our three nationwide locations.”

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