Constant Aviation adds Legacy 650 to IFC STC

Constant Aviation has added a new type, the 650 – and the Satcom Direct Router (SDR) – to its Supplemental Type Certificate for installing in-flight connectivity (IFC) capabilities on Embraer Legacy aircraft.
“Adding the Legacy 650 to our Wi-Fi STC is another accomplishment by the engineering team that helps us better service and support our customers,” explained Derek Morris, manager of avionics design and engineering. “Our team has extensive experience on the Embraer product line, and this addition provides our 650 operators with several router choices and pricing options.
“The SDR allows customers to manage several cabin communication systems while using satellite or air to ground connections. This router also offers enhanced features and capabilities such as a terrestrial modem for connectivity to 3G and 4G networks on the ground and integrates with Satcom Direct services,” Morris continued. “These services provide access to on-board cabin features such as moving map and SD Flight Tracker. We are very excited to offer this innovative and reliable Wi-Fi router solution to our Legacy customers. This STC can be installed at any of our three nationwide locations.”
Constant Aviation’s Wi-Fi STC’s include Hawker 700A, 750, 800A/XP, 850XP, 900XP, 1000, 1000A, Citation X, Phenom 100 and 300, Legacy 600 and 650, EMB-135LR, EMB-135ER, Gulfstream IV, Beechjet 400A/XP, Lear 45 and Executive Configured Boeing 737.

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