Cobham introduces multiple voice line capability across AVIATOR range

Now Inmarsat’s Multi-Voice offering is live, Cobham SATCOM (Cobham) has confirmed aircraft employing its AVIATOR SwiftBroadband (SBB) range can use up to nine simultaneous voice lines on a single AVIATOR terminal to enable more cost effective calling in-flight.
Multi-Voice is compatible with Cobham’s AVIATOR Wireless Handset and means each handset can benefit from having its own number. It is also possible to dial out from any handset in the aircraft. Passengers and crew can also use their own Wi-Fi enabled smartphones to access SBB voice calling on AVIATOR.
“The availability of Inmarsat Multi-Voice provides all existing AVIATOR users with a great opportunity to take advantage of an easy upgrade to the new service, plus the Multi-Voice capability will be available on all new system installations,” explained Kim Gram, VP of Cobham SATCOM’s aeronautical business unit. “The new service will provide many benefits to our customers, particularly business travellers, enabling them to have up to nine telephone lines open in the cabin with enhanced call quality and lower calling costs.”

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