Cobalt Spectrum lighting offered by Airbus

Airbus has made Cobalt’s LED lighting system a retrofit solution for the A320, A330 and A340 family aircraft. It is also available as part of the Airbus Airspace cabin experience.

Joël Frugier, CEO of Airbus Interiors Services, stated, “We chose to partner with Cobalt Aerospace to offer our customers a new competitive and innovative retrofit solution for best-in-class led lighting. Our customers will benefit from a cutting-edge LED system, which is simple to install and operate, as well as Airbus integrated documentation, the highest quality standards and Airtac support.”

Ben Brown, co-founder and director of operations said, “Our Spectrum lighting product is one of the most disruptive seen for a long time in the aerospace interiors marketplace, combining highly advanced technical features with unrivalled comfort and passenger experience. The Airbus decision is very significant because it shows how serious they are about supporting the growing airline pull for agile, cutting edge cabin interior solutions.”

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