Cirrus SR series aircraft touts new connectivity features

Cirrus Aircraft has unveiled its new 2016 SR series aircraft, which the company says it has designed to enhance customer engagement by blending lifestyle comforts with wireless connectivity and personalisation options.
Every 2016 Cirrus is delivered with a new Bluetooth audio panel that allows for phone calls and music to be wirelessly connected and directed to any occupant in the cabin. Additionally, Cirrus is the first piston aircraft to incorporate Garmin Flight Stream in the cockpit, enabling wireless connectivity between mobile devices and the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin avionics flight deck as part of the new Digital Advantage Package. This means pilots can now flight plan at home or at work, transfer flight plans to and from the avionics seamlessly, easily change route mid-flight, display a new and wide array of flight information including pitch, bank and GPS data, plus control the SiriusXM radio via a mobile device.
New pilot and co-pilot seats come equipped with a stow pocket for mobile devices to enable easy use during flight and new magnetic clasp side straps both secure headsets when not in use and reduce clutter in the cockpit.
“Cirrus Aircraft is proud to produce the best-selling airplane in its segment for the thirteenth consecutive year, and for 2016 we've raised the bar again,” commented Todd Simmons, Cirrus Aircraft’s president of customer experience. “The reason for our success is simple: We never stop listening to our owners and operators, we never stop innovating and we never cease to provide the highest quality customer experience – whether on the ground or in-flight. In 2016 we continue to refine the aircraft to enhance both pilot and passenger comfort and to leave an unmistakable impression on the tarmac, connecting customers to their aircraft in new and distinctive ways. The 2016 SR series is the most sophisticated aircraft we've ever produced – period.”

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