Chinese internet companies set up ‘in-flight internet industry alliance’

At the ‘Airshow China 2014’, it has been announced that more than 30 Chinese internet companies have come together to form the ‘in-flight internet industry alliance', to take advantage of the huge market potential provided by the annual civil air transport numbers, which reach 360 million people.
The alliance includes businesses like Youku Tudou (logo pictured left), China’s leading online video company (‘youku’ translates as “what’s best and what’s cool”). Li Jie, president of Youku Tudou Inc., commented at the airshow, “In the future, the company may buy copyrights of hit movies and shows to provide charged service for passengers in-flight.”
Ma Jianrong, vice-president of Nasdaq-listed Chinese e-commerce firm, claimed, “During travel, passengers are more likely to make impulse buys.”
Other companies revealed as part of the ‘in-flight internet industry alliance’ are the Information Centre of Xinhua News Agency, ZTE, a telecommunications provider; China UnionPay, China’s only domestic bank card organisation; and, another news corporation.

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