Chicago Jet Group becomes authorised dealer for SmartSky Networks

Chicago Jet Group has been announced as the latest authorised dealer for hardware sales and installation of SmartSky Networks’ 4G LTE technology across multiple business jets using STC licenses obtained from SmartSky’s earliest distribution partners.

“Business aviation operators’ needs have changed,” Chicago Jet Group’s director of operations, Mike Mitera, remarked. “Customers demand the Wi-Fi that gives them full access to their office in the sky. SmartSky’s technology is answering this challenge like no one else.”

SmartSky Networks’ VP business aviation, Alan Goodnight, stated, “Chicago Jet Group brings years of experience in aircraft installation and modification. The partnerships it has formed speak to a level of excellence its technicians bring in technology adoption. The group’s Chicago and New York locations will offer excellent access points for customers to discover the benefits of SmartSky.”

The SmartSky 4G network will provide service over the continental US using an ATG platform that leverages 60 MHz of spectrum and the rollout is scheduled to achieve nationwide coverage in 2017.
SD (formerly known as Satcom Direct) serves as SmartSky’s exclusive customer service and support provider.

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