CES 2016: Panasonic debuts Waterfront seat

Panasonic has debuted Waterfront, a new business class seating concept designed in collaboration with TEAGUE and B/E Aerospace, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.
Features of Waterfront include a rich in-flight entertainment (IFE) user interface displayed on a 24-inch 4K touchscreen monitor in a seamless edge-to-edge glass structure.
The interface has been coupled to hundreds of individually controllable full spectrum LEDs across the entire seat. Passengers are able to control the lighting while in different seating positions enabled by a novel seat mechanism with individual head, leg, and back rest adjustments. This creates a transformative environment with multiple modes that coordinate seat position, light intensity and colour, and IFE viewpoint to optimise different passenger activities.
The IFE interface is also available on a premium controller, through which relevant flight information is viewable. A simple, ultra-compact handset is also accessible, even in bed position. Furthermore, personal electronic device connectivity is supported by Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC for a personalised passenger experience.
Waterfront also incorporates various fully integrated charging solutions including AC power, inductive charging and multiple USB power ports.

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