BuyDRM releases Multi-DRM license delivery for IFE offerings

BuyDRM, a global provider of multi-DRM (Digital Rights Management) and content security services for the entertainment, enterprise and hospitality industries, has released Linux support for their MultiKey Server, a specifically designed multi-DRM software platform for highly-scalable deployments in remote or limited connectivity environments.

Currently in early beta stage testing with a variety of BuyDRM clients, partners and resellers, this new release can run on various Linux-compatible chipsets like ARM and Intel, which are widely used in the hospitality, transportation and entertainment industries for delivering premium video content.

“The move to support Linux with MultiKey Server was primarily born out of the need for solutions for In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and hospitality deployments,” said Andrew Popov, BuyDRM CTO. “In environments where connectivity is non-existent or intermittent, the secure delivery of video relies solely on a server-based solution. The MultiKey Server fills the need to securely distribute and manage digital rights from your own network, on your premise or in your own cloud infrastructure using more scalable computing platforms.”

“As a leading OEM of core DRM technologies in the media and entertainment industries, Google Widevine sees an expanding marketplace in the IFE, travel and hospitality industries” said Brian Baker, head of Widevine Business at Google. “BuyDRM’s new MultiKey Server for Linux now extends Widevine DRM into these industries enabling consumers to consume premium content in more places and ways.”

“As a long-time PlayReady service provider and partner, BuyDRM continues to evolve their multi-DRM platform KeyOS for emerging consumer playback environments like IFE,” said Microsoft’s Rob McAuley, director, Business Development & IP Licensing. “As a leader of DRM technologies for premium content, Microsoft continues to innovate with our recent release of the new PlayReady Server SDK built on .NET Core. We believe that PlayReady on .NET core will enable BuyDRM’s New Multikey Server for Linux to more broadly support premium services for the hospitality and travel industry.”

The estimated general release is 1 November, 2019.

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