Bruce Aerospace to supply LED lamp replacements for SAAB 340s and 2000s

Bruce Aerospace has been awarded a contract to supply its Bruce LED lamps on various versions of the SAAB 340 and 2000 series aircraft as a drop-in replacement for the OEM-supplied T5 fluorescent cabin lighting fixtures. The Bruce LED lamp has a 60,000 hour life-span, which SAAB operators hope will save costs on labour and materials for lamp replacements, as well as on the disposal of hazardous lamps. Additionally, the aircraft will burn less fuel due to the weight savings (the modification to SAAB aircraft will involve the removal of existing ballast units) and reduced power consumption of the LED fixtures.Once the ballast units are removed, Bruce Aerospace will fit a simple wire harness, onto which it will directly replace the T5 lamps with equivalent Bruce Aerospace LED lamps.

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