Bose upgrades A20 Aviation Headset

Bose has introduced new features to its A20 Aviation Headset, including Bluetooth audio, customisable audio prioritisation, flexible power with auto-on capability (for select headset variants) and a coil cord cable for helicopter pilots.
Bluetooth audio and communications capabilities allow pilots to wirelessly stream warnings and advisories from aviation apps or music from their mobile devices. Devices without Bluetooth functionality require a wired auxiliary audio input.
Customisable audio prioritisation is achieved using two settings – mute or mixed – accessible via the headset’s control module. Pilots can mute an audio signal when an intercommunications signal is detected, or mix in-bound intercommunications signals with the Bluetooth or wired audio signal. In either setting, the aircraft’s intercommunications signal and a Bluetooth enabled call can be heard together. This gives pilots control over which audio source they hear and how they want to hear it.
For headset models that can be powered by the aircraft, a new auto-on feature turns the headset on automatically as soon as the avionics are powered on. This new feature also lets pilots switch seamlessly between aircraft and battery power without compromising headset performance.
“We’ve never stopped trying to make a better headset,” said Sean Garrett, VP consumer electronics product engineering, Bose Corporation. “We’ve added features to our iconic aviation headset for one reason: to make flying better for every pilot who chooses Bose. The A20 remains unbeatable for performance and functionality.”
The A20 Aviation Headset comes with a carrying case and an aux-in cable adapter. It also offers a limited 5-year, worldwide, transferrable manufacturer’s warranty and meets or exceeds all FAA/EASA TSO C139 requirements.

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