BizjetMobile releases Bluetooth Smart in-flight connectivity solution

BizjetMobile, a supplier of aircraft connectivity solutions for business jets, has released CHiiMP Smart, the first in-flight connectivity solution to utilise Bluetooth Smart technology and connect via the Iridium satellite constellation.

CHiiMP Smart is a small, light and inexpensive connectivity system, providing global SMS and text email capabilities for smart phones and tablets. A maximum of six users can be online simultaneously.

tCHiiMP Smart is the access point for the CHiiMP App that provides unlimited text and connectivity to email services. It also allows pilots to improve efficiency of operations with the use of text to contact support on the ground.ttCompany CEO Ron Chapman said, “We believe our customers are entitled to affordable communications on their aircraft. CHiiMP Smart is another exciting development in this pursuit that will provide the first satellite-phone-based system that incorporates all your voice, text and email needs, substantially reducing your communication costs.”t

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