Big Game Air expands beyond sporting events

Big Game Air (BGA), the luxury game day travel company has expanded its luxury travel operations nationally. Initially focused on sporting events, Big Game Air will now offer corporate businesses and travellers the opportunity to charter, or purchase individual seats on luxury private jets to attend concerts, film festivals, food events and more.

“In the past several months we have seen an increased demand from corporate businesses and groups looking to charter private jets to special events outside of the sports space, as they see the advantage and comparative value in same-day round-trip travel vs. multi-day travel coordination,” says Arturo Gomez, CEO and co-founder of Big Game Air. “While coordinating flights and creating one-of-a-kind experiences for sports travel is what sets us apart from other luxury travel companies, we’re excited to expand our offerings nationally, and reach beyond sports to evolve the brand to meet diverse client demands.”

As Big Game Air expands its same-day, round-trip flight packages, the company is also partnering with a number of prestigious hotels, venues and ticketing platforms, to create original experience packages.

“Now that we are offering flights around the country, Big Game Air has access to charter a larger variety of luxury jets,” says Todd Rubin, president and co-founder of Big Game Air. “For example, we’re flying Gulf Streams to the Kentucky Derby and PGA Masters this spring, which are some of the most luxurious private jets we can offer our clients.”

“As someone who is constantly looking for impactful ways to entertain and engage clients, I found what Big Game Air has to offer to be something unique and certainly on another level from an experience standpoint, as the company has allowed us to deliver a ‘wow factor” says Chad Bronstein, Big Game Air traveller and senior vice president of North American sales for Amobee.

Big Game Air subcontracts private luxury jets that can accommodate anywhere from nine to 30 people. The average cost of a Big Game Air round-trip ticket starts at around US$1,500 and can vary depending on the duration of flight and jet size. Each Big Game Air ticket includes round-trip private jet travel and on-the-ground-transportation in the destination city. Big Game Air continues to offer value-added features for ticket holders to customise and purchase specialty packages, with amenities such as enhanced in-flight food and beverage, jet hangar parties, professional athlete-and celebrity-hosted flights.

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