B/E Aerospace’s Crystal Cabin Award for in-flight power solution

B/E Aerospace was one of seven winners at the 9th Crystal Cabin Awards held in the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg, for their Solar Eclipse charging system integrated into a window shade.
In-flight power and charging was a hot topic throughout the Aircraft Interiors Expo last week with manufacturers and designers responding to the increased demand from passengers to replicate their in-flight connectivity experience with that on the ground.
B/E Aerospace’s concept involved the insertion of thin solar cells into an aircraft’s window shade as a recharging solution with USB outlets for passengers. The Solar Eclipse won the Greener Cabin, Health, Safety & Environment category of the prestigious awards. The company stated that Solar Eclipse would actually generate more energy than that required to carry it and the shade would weigh only a fraction more that current models.
In their outline brief to the judging panel, B/E Aerospace explained the concept’s rationale: “The Solar Eclipse brings DC power directly to passengers where no power exists. “Super-efficient, thin film solar cells integrated into the window shade convert the high-solar irradiation available at altitude into 8-44 watts of energy.”
This year the awards received 68 entries from 18 countries in its largest ceremony to date.

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