Azul becomes first airline in the Americas to introduce FlightTracker

On 1 August, Brazilian-based low-fare airline Azul activated SITA OnAir’s AIRCOM FlightTracker, becoming the first carrier in the Americas to do so.
“FlightTracker’s momentum is building rapidly as more and more airlines across the world start using it to meet industry requirements for tracking each and every flight at all times,” commented Ian Dawkins, CEO of SITA OnAir. “Our flight tracking brief, through ICAO and IATA, was two-fold. Flight operations teams need to be able to follow aircraft positions and identify any unexpected deviations or gaps in position reports, while using existing equipment and procedures, without adding significant cost. We can also exceed the initial specification for reports every 15 minutes, depending on an airline’s requirements.”
FlightTracker uses multiple sources of data, including air traffic control information, terrestrial and satellite feeds, and the airline’s flight plans, to provide real-time aircraft position monitoring. These include the Department of Airspace Control’s air traffic management network, which is managed by SITA.

FlightTracker generates automatic alerts when an aircraft goes outside pre-determined parameters, giving flight controllers full information at all times.
Since its inception in 2008, Azul has used SITA OnAir’s AIRCOM technology, making the addition of FlightTracker possible through a software upgrade to the ground-based server.
Azul can now track its fleet of Embraer 190 and 195s, ATR 72-600s and Airbus A330s flying to 100 destinations. The A320neos and A350s that the airline has on order will also be tracked as soon as they enter service.

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