Azerbaijan Airlines signs up for the digEplayer L7

Azerbaijan Airlines is the latest carrier to opt for the digEplayer L7 IFE system.The small, portable IFE features a 7 inch capacitive touch screen for easy navigation and crisp images, combining ruggedness with aesthetics for a brilliant inflight entertainment experience.Azerbaijan Airlines representative Nazim Samadov commented, “Azerbaijan Airlines, as a national carrier, is proud to announce the contract signing for a new entertainment program providing to our honorable business class passengers the use of the digEplayer displays.”Routes carrying the digEplayer L7 will include London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Dubai, Istanbul, and Ankara. Passengers flying business class will receive the players as an amenity.digEcor President Brad Heckel added, “We appreciate Azerbaijan Airlines partnering with us as we continue our momentum with the digEplayer L Series program. Azerbaijan is committed to providing passengers with superior in-flight service and we look forward to working with them in surpassing expectations.”The inflight content will be sourced by digEcor and includes a mixture of Hollywood titles, Russian movies and television shows, music, music videos, and games. “The players will also include an airline and country info channel with information about Azerbaijan’s history and present, traditions and culture,” added digEcor Content Administrator Jed Thompson.The digEplayer L7 is the product of a joint venture between Utah based digEcor, Inc. and Shanghai based Lefeel Media Technology.

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