AVIATOR 700D receives FAA safety certification for air navigation

Thrane & Thrane’s new AVIATOR 700D SwiftBroadband solution has received Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) certification meeting requirements for the next generation of air traffic control technology.

The AVIATOR 700D is certified to fulfil the RTCA DO-178B Level-D software and DO-254 Level-D hardware requirements, making the system compliant to the newest generation of air traffic control system, FANS 1/A (Future Air Navigation System), which is being introduced to enhance air traffic safety.
Thrane & Thrane’s AVIATOR 700D aims to play an important part in the introduction of FANS 1/A. In particular, the moving of critical Air Traffic Control communication from voice to data communication, which reduces the risk of misunderstandings that can occur on voice links. This improved communication safety is a key goal of FANS 1/A allowing the reduced separation of aircraft, which permits aircraft to fly more efficient routes, at their most fuel-efficient altitude.
Satellite communication via the AIVIATOR 700D will provide direct data link communication between the pilot and the Air Traffic Controllers. FANS 1/A is currently in operation in certain high density airspaces but is expected to be introduced to all relevant areas in the near future.
“Thrane & Thrane is excited to be adding its first FANS 1/A compliant system to the well established AVIATOR portfolio of SwiftBroadband solutions,” declared Walther Thygesen, CEO of Thrane & Thrane. “In addition to the new capabilities, the AVIATOR 700D also supports a range of voice and data applications, providing built-in Wi-Fi capability for the connection of tablets and smartphones.”
The AVIATOR 700D is an addition to Thrane & Thrane’s portfolio of SwiftBroadband solutions, including the AVIATOR 200, 300, 350 and 700.

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