Austrian Airlines develops brand image for digital future

Austrian Airlines is preparing for the digital world and further developing its brand image with several adjustments to the brand image online and on the aircraft.

In light of the relaunch of the website and the app planned for the turn of the year in 2018/2019, and a planned stronger internet presence, the airline are making small changes to the brand image with the goal of meeting the needs of the digital world.

“Digitisation is changing our lives. Our products, our brand and our company are also preparing for the digital future. The adaptation of our brand image is another important step in this direction,” explains Andreas Otto, board member and CCO of Austrian Airlines.

The arrow and word mark Austrian are to be modernised and reinforced which will increase the long-distance effect on aircraft and posters. The airline has also paid attention to making the logo easier to recognise on mobile devices and smartwatches.

The digital brand changes will gradually be transferred to the entire Austrian Airlines brand, with all customer contact points and signage to be adapted at airports.

The appearance of the aircraft will also be gradually adjusted as soon as repainting is pending for respective aircraft.

The first aircraft in the new design will be the new Boeing 777 OE-LPF which will be shown in Vienna for the first time on its arrival in May 2018. The long-haul aircraft is currently in Hong Kong where it will be rebuilt and adapted to the standards of the airline.

It is expected to take approximately seven years until all the aircraft of Austrian Airlines will be in the new design, by the summer timetable in 2019 it will be 18 of a total of 82 aircraft.

In the exterior design of the aircraft changes include the extension of the red surface from the tail down on the fuselage, making the logo bigger. The word mark Austrian in the front area of the fuselage is also over a large area and legible from afar. The engines will be a clear white in future to make the Austrian lettering stand out. While the Austrian greeting ‘Servus’ on the belly of the aircraft will remain.

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