Astronics partners with SmartTray to sell PED-friendly tray tables

Astronics Corporation has signed an agreement with SmartTray International to exclusively manufacture, sell and market SmartTray’s tray-table solutions that allow hands-free use of passengers’ personal electronic devices (PEDs).

The range of tray-tables are ergonomically designed across all seat classes to offer better space management and enhance passenger comfort compared to conventional tray-tables.

“SmartTray's solutions are best-in-class and represent a strong opportunity for Astronics as they are complementary to our leading EmPower aircraft in-seat power systems,” said Pete Gundermann, CEO of Astronics. “Astronics is perfectly positioned to enhance the passenger experience by combining PED power and the convenience of an ergonomic tray table to manage passenger carry-on devices.”

"We could not be more proud to partner with Astronics," said Nick Pajic, CEO and founder of SmartTray International. "With millions of air travellers using their mobile phones and electronic tablet devices on aircraft for work and entertainment, airline operators are in need of simple, practical, and cost effective solutions that make using and stowing PEDs in-flight more convenient and easier.”

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