ARINC Direct introduces new VoIP service

ARINC Direct has developed a new high-speed Voice over IP (VoIP) service for business and corporate aircraft using Inmarsat SwiftBroadband connectivity.

The new ARINC SwiftBroadband VoIP service is designed to take maximum advantage of SwiftBroadband architecture by carrying both accelerated data and VoIP traffic together without a conflict.
“We listened to the marketplace, and we have made a sizable investment to host the correct VoIP solution ourselves,” commented Bob Richard, ARINC Direct Senior Director. “This is the VoIP service most of today’s corporate jet operators have been waiting for.”
ARINC installed a complete hardware infrastructure earlier this year to host the new VoIP service at its Annapolis, MD headquarters. The company became an Inmarsat Distribution Partner in 2010. The new VoIP service is available immediately to ARINC Direct customers with proper equipage.
“Inmarsat SwiftBroadband is the aviation industry’s fastest growing form of satellite connectivity, and has become standard on many corporate jet airframes,” added Mr Richard. “We promised our OEM partners and customers a very strong VoIP offering for SwiftBroadband, and we are now happy to deliver it.”

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