Arinc becomes SwiftBroadband aviation distribution partner

Arinc has been named a Distribution Partner (DP) by Inmarsat for the latter’s high-speed SwiftBroadband satellite communications service.

Arinc is the world’s largest provider of aeronautical satellite communications for commercial airlines, government/military and business aviation. It says its new DP status will result in “a number of compelling tailored solutions for the aviation market, since Arinc can purchase airtime directly from Inmarsat, instead of through intermediate providers”.

“Arinc plans to provide SwiftBroadband connectivity in a one-stop transaction,” explained Andy Hubbard, Arinc aviation solutions director, Europe, Middle East & Africa. “Our customers will not need to source a communications pipe separately, as it will be part of a package with flight applications, connectivity software, and technical support.”

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