APEXEXPO2018: Panasonic reveals Wellness Launch Suite

Panasonic is aiming to expand its portfolio with a new category of cabin innovations, the Wellness Launch Suite, centred on passenger wellbeing.

Discussing the Launch Suite during a press briefing at APEX Expo in Boston, Andrew Mohr, head of innovation for Panasonic, explained that with extremely long flights a reality, “health and wellness of passengers need to be a front and centre consideration.”

Encompassing new hardware, digital services and content, the new product is available today with launch customers confirmed – but not yet revealed.

The APEX 2018 Wellness Launch Suite includes five innovations: Premium Lighting, Active Noise Cancellation, Panasonic’s nanoe Air Cleansing, Datalytics Health App and Mimi Personalised Audio.

The Premium Lighting solution focuses on the lighting at seat level, with Mohr explaining that while there have been “incredible” advances in whole cabin lighting – “what about the seat?”

The solution is customisable to the airline or passengers and is integrated to respond in IFEC usage scenarios. The light can be adjusted and tied into the circadian rhythm. While the launch customer couldn’t be disclosed, Panasonic said the first in service will be in 2020.

Meanwhile, Active Noise Control, which will be arriving in 2019, aims to reduce the disturbances that keep passengers awake. Through a system of passive microphones and speakers, Panasonic said the system provides up to 15db noise reduction.

The nanoe air cleansing technology creates nano-drops of ionised water to purify the cabin air, primarily removing odour but also airborne pathogens, while the Detalytics Health App aims to improve pre- and post-flight fatigue through a data-driven understanding of passenger profiles.

Integrated into both mobile and seatback display, the app provides recommendations to passengers on wellness onboard such as staying hydrated and exercise. Panasonic explained that while it is not tied in with biometrics, it is part of the roadmap and they are looking at working with wearables.

Panasonic also partnered with Mimi to optimise audio to the hearing of the passenger, using specialised audio algorithms. The hearing profile also stays with the passenger through the airline’s companion app.

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