APEXEXPO2018: Immfly unveils Immfly Active portal

Immfly has launched a new portal to enable airlines to check and manage their passenger data and the performance of its Immfly onboard digital platforms.

The portal, Immfly Active, provides monitoring and management tools for airlines, and features an intuitive dashboard that shows the main KPIs. The portal also includes tools for aircraft health management, survey management and content management.

Filters are also available to customise views for data analysis and comparison – allowing airlines to filter data per time-frame, per aircraft, flight, and compare old reports versus recent ones, in order to analyse the variances and changes in behaviour.

“We believe that this tool adds a lot of value to the airline because it is allowing a flexibility and a dynamism that it never had before,” said Maria Cardenal, product & digital services director at Immfly. “We have started with these four services following the needs of our customers, but there will be much more to offer. Immfly Active will be the vehicle for many of the digital services that we are providing to our customers to support them on their onboard digital transformation.”

The Aircraft Health tool allows the airline to monitor the flight status of aircraft equipped with Immfly digital services through an interactive operational map. There are four status based on tracking variables, that exist to control the compliance of the Service Level Agreement.

The survey management tool will allow airlines to develop, edit, publish and manage surveys in Immfly’s platform. Airlines will be able to access the results of the survey ‘live’ or download them for further analysis, the data could also be integrated with the airline’s own survey management tool or CRM systems.

The content management tool enables airlines to manage their content on their microsite on the Immfly Digital Platform, such as announcements, campaigns, promotions and video, advertising, surveys or feedback. By enabling airlines to manage their content assets, Immfly suggests this would give them a higher flexibility and greater autonomy.

Finally, the AdServer tool helps airlines to manage and check the status of advertising campaigns, introduce all segmentation filters and upload assets.

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