APEXEXPO2018: FTS partners with Qingdao Airlines for IFC

FTS is partnering with Qingdao Airlines in China to equip its entire fleet of A320 aircraft with the FTS XStream-SAT Broadband Connectivity system.

This follows the relaxation of the CAAC (Civil Aviation Authority of China) regulations early this year to allow passengers to use smartphones during flights.

Qingdao Airlines currently operates a fleet of 14 A320s on a route network of over 20 domestic destinations, the airline plans to expand to over 100 aircraft by 2025.

“Even before the lifting of the ban on passengers using their smartphone, we had been actively looking for a solution that meets our needs. The timing is right now that the smartphone ban was lifted, ChinaSat launched its Ka-band satellites CS-16 and FTS is here with its XStream-SAT system to complete the puzzle,” said a spokesperson for Qingdao Airlines.

Duan Shiping, president of the FTS group, said it is “extremely honoured and delighted” to be working with the airline on this “groundbreaking agreement to equip their fleet with our XStream-SAT Broadband Connectivity solution.”

Shiping added: “In the end what won them over is that we are not just offering hardware, but a total solution including a business management platform that helps minimise cost, improve operational efficiency and maximise ancillary revenue. FTS can offer local support, integration services and market know-how that differentiates us from other providers.”

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